Frequently asked questions

1. Why has Tembit joined Hanse Orga Group? 

Tembit's cloud and mobile solutions are the perfect addition for Hanse Orga Group to strengthen the group's offering in the multi-ERP space. Hanse Orga Group and Tembit joining forces creates a FinTech group which has a unique solution offering in the financial value chain for corporates and banks. With solutions both in the cloud and on-premise as well as the ability to work with different ERPs, we are the leading expert for cash flows and payments globally.


2. What are the goals, values, expectations of Hanse Orga Group?

We want to jointly build THE leading group in the financial value chain, being globally present! In order to achieve that, the culture relies very much on transparency, openness and entrepreneurship of all people within the organization.


3. What will happen to the Tembit owners/management? 

They will stay on board and keep their leading executive management role. They will be co-owners of Hanse Orga Group and support the future growth of Tembit and have a strong role in the development of future cloud solutions within the whole group.


4. What does the step mean for Tembit? 

By joining Hanse Orga Group, we will strongly benefit from the group's broad geographic coverage and get the chance to even better serve the corporate and banking industry with our innovative cloud and mobile solutions. 


5. Will Hanse Orga Group continue to support partners of Tembit? 

Partners are a major part of our joint strategy – we are looking forward to continue working together!


6. What about the partnership with Trinity Management?

Trinity uses the public API that tembanking offers to integrate tembanking as a platform for executing payments. This open API stays in place and Trinity will benefit from new innovations in the payment area offered through it. Trinity continues to be a strategic partner for Tembit and the Group.


7. Will my customer contracts still be in effect?

Absolutely! We are looking forward to continuing to serve you as before.


8. Will I as a customer still be able to use my products from Tembit? 

Yes, nothing will change with your existing products.


9. Will the release cycle of the products be affected by this move? 

No, all planned release dates stay the same. With the new group and clear separation of the development areas in place the innovation speed will increase not decrease.


10. I´m a CRM Customer, what does this step mean to me?

Complimentary to the Financial Software products Tembit has a broad range of customers in the Customer Relationship Management arena with overlaps at financial institutions. Hanse Orga Group is keen to broaden and strengthen its business by adding theses adjacent sectors to the group offering. Being part of the larger group with offices throughout the world offers substantial benefits to the international consulting and service offering.


11. I´m a Healthcare Customer, what does this move mean to me?

Tembit has a well known track record in the healthcare industry with innovative products in the area of bio-banking and disease patient data bases and pseudonymization of patient records. The same highly sophisticated cryptography and development technology is shared between the healthcare and finance divisions of the company. Now being part of the larger Hanse Orga Group means an increased global perspective for our healthcare customers.