Frequently asked questions

1. Why is e5 joining Hanse Orga Group?

The deep know-how and the add-on solutions of e5 in the treasury space are complementary to the existing add-ons of Hanse Orga Group. By forming a joint group, we will have a unique offering and expertise around cash flows and payments and are becoming the clear market leader for SAP Treasury add-ons and implementation, not only in the US, but as well in Europe. 

2. What are the goals, values, expectations of the new group?

We want to jointly build THE leading group in the financial value chain, with a strong global presence.  In order to achieve that, the culture relies very much on transparency, openness, entrepreneurship and cooperation of all employees within the organization.

3. How does SymQ fit with e5?

SymQ, the SAP treasury consulting company of Hanse Orga Group, enables us to get direct access to clients and consulting resources in Europe and expand our geographic reach outside the US, which will be a major asset to compete for global implementations.

4. Why has e5 joined the Hanse Orga Group?

This is a combination of two highly respected and like-minded software and consulting firms in the SAP space, with highly complementary offerings.  We are joining forces because it is our desire to grow and be able to serve our customers with a broader set of financial automation solutions. We now have a much broader footprint across multiple geographies, with more scale, expertise and experience. This combination makes us more valuable to our respective and joint customers and further sets us apart from our competitors.

5. What does the move mean for e5?

It is our desire to create stronger long-term growth. Hanse Orga Group is a like-minded FinTech partner with a similar approach and complementary skills/products along the financial automation value chain. Together we will be able to even better serve clients across the globe with a broader in-country/in-region footprint, adding EMEA and APAC. We will also be able to better service the treasury and financial services industry, leveraging added value to our clients.

6. Will I still be able to use my products from e5?

Yes; nothing will change with your existing products.

7. Will my customer contracts still be in effect?

Absolutely! We are looking forward to continue serving you as before.

8. Will solution/service quality change?

We will continue to provide you with the best solution and service quality!

9. Will Hanse Orga Group continue to support partners of e5?

Partners are a major part of our joint strategy - we are looking forward to continue working together!

10. What will happen to the previous owner/management?

The e5 principals will also be owners in the new global business. They will stay on board and keep their leading executive management role in developing e5 in the US as well as other geographic markets.

11. Who do I call if I have a question or a concern?

Feel free to reach out to your existing contacts; they will be able to answer your questions, or put you in touch with someone who can. You can also contact us directly at e5 and Hanse Orga Group.