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As always, our newsletter discusses current finance topics and trends and our solutions. In this issue, you will learn more about Bank Performance Analysis with the new FinanceSuite eBAM release, all advantages of CGI for global payments, to name some of the highlights.

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One format for everything: ISO 20022 XML CGI in global payments

The "Common Global Implementation Initiative" (CGI), comprised of global banks, corporates and vendors, was formed to promote the standardisation of global payments. In the course of the European SEPA regulations, companies are already obligated today to execute European payments by using the new standard formats.



FinanceSuite eBAM: Release 2.0 with new functionalities

We continuously develop our products in order to provide the right features for you and to adjust the programmes to current requirements and new regulations. As of now, FinanceSuite eBAM release 2.0 is available. In addition to the optimisation of existing functionalities, this release focuses on new features.



Did you know that ...?

In our new newsletter column, we introduce our SAP-integrated FinanceSuite modules in a nutshell. Today: FinanceSuite Cash & Liquidity Management – our solution for an innovative, SAP-integrated cash management and an effective liquidity planning.



Hanse Orga Training Academy: our new programme for 2014

In 2014, we have planned again a programme full of informative courses that offer either a general introduction (Basic Course) or in-depth practical knowledge (Professional Course). In our programme 2014, you will also find for the first time a workshop on the new FinanceSuite Account Statement Manager.

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Review of Hanse Orga User Meeting 2013

On 24 and 25 October, we held our annual User Meeting – which for many Hanse Orga customers is a fixed date in their appointment calendar. However, something was new this time: for the first time, the Hanse Orga User Meeting was held jointly with the new subsidiaries cogon GmbH and SymQ GmbH.




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