SymQ offers EMIR consulting

SymQ supports companies in meeting the reporting requirements of the new European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) which is to make OTC derivatives trading more transparent and secure. All companies trading with OTC derivatives have to report them to a trade repository and if a clearing threshold is exceeded, they need to clear them via a central counterparty (CCP). For treasurers this means that they have to analyse their systems to filter the corresponding information and ensure that they can be sent to the trade repository. 

SymQ offers treasurers an EMIR Readiness Check and support for the implementation in SAP. Organisations can use the readiness check to see to which extent they are affected by EMIR, what they have to do and how they can realise these requirements in their SAP system. Especially, the aggregation and communication of the required data for reporting have to be performed in a secure and quick manner.

"In addition to SEPA, organisations have to deal with a lot in regard to EMIR. We offer tailor-made  consulting in SAP with which organisations can meet these challenges," says Jochen Stiebe, Managing Director of SymQ GmbH.

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