SAP Treasury & Risk Management

For financing and hedging of the operative business

One of the Treasurer‘s main tasks is the hedging of operative business and securing a company’s liquidity. It is not uncommon, however, that the information on the different financial instruments used for this are stored in simple documents. The SAP Treasury & Risk Management
module albeit provides a secure and efficient method for managing financial transactions (from short-term financing to strategic investment) and provides an overview of the entire life cycle of an operational business – from creation to hedging. Risks can be controlled better, the financial potential can be tapped more profitably, and liquidity can be secured. The module provides three tools for analysis as well as a control element: You enter all financial transactions including hedge accounting in the Transaction Manager. There they are transferred automatically to the back office. The Market Risk Analyzer allows mark-to-market valuations and supports the determination of risk indicators, sensitivities and value-at-risk indicators. The Credit Risk Manager allows you to recognise default risks early on, to take necessary countermeasures and to control your dealers by defining limits. The Portfolio Analyzer supports your investment policy by measuring the success of your investments in regard to your objectives. This gives you a sound basis for financing decisions.