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What is EMIR?

The European Market Infrastructure Regulation – EMIR – is a reaction to the financial market crisis in 2008. The heads of state and government of the leading industrial nations agreed at the G20 Pittsburgh Summit in 2009 to make derivatives trading more transparent and secure. The following obligations were defined to achieve this goal:

  1. Clearing obligation: Standardised OTC derivatives must be cleared through a central counterparty (CCP).
  2. Risk management: For OTC derivatives that are not cleared through a CCP, certain risk mitigation standards apply that need to be taken into account by both parties.
  3. Reporting obligation: OTC derivatives have to be reported to a trade repository.

The EMIR regulations take immediate effect in the European countries. In contrast to the clearing obligation, the reporting obligation applies to all companies trading with OTC derivatives (financial and non-financial institutions). It also applies to intra-group derivatives trading.

In a first step, all interest rate and credit derivatives are affected as of August 2013 and as of 1 January 2014, all other asset classes are affected, too. This includes derivatives such as FX (foreign exchange) and commodities which are especially relevant for treasurers.

Thus, treasurers have to analyse their systems, filter all relevant information and verify that they can be sent. Particularly, the preparation and connection of required data for reporting have to be performed securely and quickly.


SymQ Supports You!

Our experienced SymQ consultants provide treasury consulting on the basis of SAP. Based on our expertise as well as extensive project experience in the areas Cash Management, SEPA, SAP Treasury & Risk Management, we are happy to help you with the implementation of EMIR in your SAP environment.

We provide support tailored to your reporting requirements in line with your specific treasury processes and business objectives in order to minimise your risks and simplify your compliance efforts.

We make your SAP system ready for EMIR! It is our objective to offer you a comprehensive approach for the monitoring of thresholds and for the clearing through the central counterparty and the contractual party as well as for the sending of reports on all OTC derivative contracts to a central trade repository – without errors, on time and automatically.

SymQ provides competent advice to find the ideal solution for your EMIR requirements and assists you with its implementation so that you fully benefit from your existing and any future investments into your SAP system.


Our Offer

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