Discover the powerful possibilities of SAP’s S/4HANA and Hanse Orga’s FS2!

At Hanse Orga Group we understand your challenges! With our entities SymQ, the expert for SAP Treasury Consulting , and Hanse Orga, one of the leading software providers for SAP-integrated finance software, we are your specialized partners for your finance success.

With SymQ's in-depth SAP Analysis of Potential we uncover the hidden capabilities of your existing SAP systems and provide further optimization potentials with the value-adding, SAP-integrated FS2 software family of Hanse Orga. 

We offer a holistic approach and enable you to take your working capital management and your financial supply chain processes to the next level. 

SymQ Analyzes Potential – Our Support for Your Treasury in SAP®

We analyze your SAP® system environment, including your current and future SAP® licenses, your oporational processes, and your financial and strategic requirements.

Your Benefits:

  • Sustainable increase of the performance of your SAP® Treasury processes through:
  • Identification of weak points and analysis of the optimization potential within your SAP® system environment
  • Active utilization of functions already included in the SAP® standard
  • Individual design and adjustment of SAP® standard functions based on the SymQ SAP® know-how database
  • Building an integrated system solution and avoiding isolated applications and data redundancies
  • Best-practice analysis, recommendations and benchmarking of your corporate processes

Learn more about SymQ's comprehensive SAP Treasury Consulting.

Hanse Orga's FS2 – Catapulting You to the Future!

FS2, a product family of advanced software for the working capital management process, is a sophisticated and best of breed technology that is fully embedded in the SAP platform; developed by Hanse Orga, an SAP Software Solution and Technology Partner. 

FS2 was created to be one on one with SAP’s new S/4HANA by incorporating Fiori for individual configuration of dashboards, simplifying processes with vivid graphical images and Business Intelligence Reporting for robust and highly flexible reports and analytics – all while also working with previous SAP systems. Also, since SAP’s S/4HANA is completely flexible, it allows customers SAP environment to be on premise, in the cloud or a both. Most importantly, Hanse Orga’s FS2 provides customers with the opportunity to be ready for the future.

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