Letter of the CEO

It has been a very exciting time for Hanse Orga Group recently, with the incorporation of Dolphin Enterprise Solutions Corporation and e5 Solutions Group to Hanse Orga Group enhancing our customer offering and building our global capabilities.

And since all good things come in threes - I am happy to announce today that the leading cloud and mobile payments provider Tembit Software has also joined Hanse Orga Group. This is the third major strategic step for us this year, one which moves us even closer to realizing our long-term strategic goal of becoming the leading global fintech company, serving the full financial automation value chain.

The acquisition brings clear benefits to both companies, opening up new markets to Tembit and enabling Hanse Orga to further strengthen its cloud-based capabilities.  Ultimately, this will allow us to satisfy the evolving needs of our increasingly diverse customer base. 

Jointly with our existing group company Soplex, Tembit Software will reinforce our presence in the strategy hub Berlin, adding further local presence in Austria through their Vienna office. I am personally very excited about the opportunities that the Tembit and Hanse Orga collaboration will present, and feel extremely positive that the current Tembit leadership team will remain in place and join us in achieving our shared strategic goal.


Sven Lindemann
Hanse Orga Group