Working Capital Management – Dynamic Analyses for Better Results

Since 2015, Hanse Orga AG, and cogon GmbH, both members of the Hanse Orga Group, have been offering software solutions for sustainable optimization of working capital management. Hanse Orga's FinanceSuite Working Capital Management directly links to SAP data, and cogon Working Capital Management is a multi-ERP solution.

Previously, the analysis of working capital management at corporate level usually included the manual collection and analysis of process data. Additionally, the quality was mostly measured using reporting day observation of typical KPIs such as DSO, DPO and DIO. This classic method provided results that were time-consuming to collect but that were not particularly meaningful.

The new solutions of Hanse Orga and cogon take a very different approach: companies can, for the first time, perform dynamic analyses of extensive parameters and uncover optimization potentials in their finance processes.

The advantage of the two solutions is that current document and transaction data are accessed automatically for the analyses so that real-time analyses and reporting are enabled. Additional KPIs such as settlement and clearing processes, payment conditions in purchasing and sales, track monitoring and dunning procedure and control of outgoing payments are considered as well. This helps uncover previously hidden cost drivers much more reliably. While working capital projects often lose momentum after a short while, these two systems help prevent that and instead support a highly efficient and sustainable working capital management with its dynamic analyses.

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