The Benefits of Product Updates

In a discussion with Mr. Josef Rechenauer, Director Product Management at Hanse Orga Group, we pursued the issue of why it makes sense for customers to perform product updates. Read the interview here to learn more: 

Why does Hanse Orga offer product updates anyway?

Josef Rechenauer: First of all, I would like to differentiate between new patches and new releases. The primary objective of patches is the stabilization of our software. Despite extensive testing we cannot guarantee that our Software always runs 100 % free of errors. Possible problems are promptly corrected with the patches. In addition, we also use patches for changes or enhancements that cannot be delayed.
The primary objective of releases, however, is the functional enhancement of our software. This can include customer requests, our own innovative ideas or compliance with legal requirements.

How often are the products updated?

Rechenauer: Here as well, we have to differentiate between patches and releases. Patches are released as and when required; they do not follow a fixed schedule. Releases, however, are available once a year for each product. The new releases for all FinanceSuite modules will, from this year on, be released on the same date. This is, on the one Hand, in reaction to what our customers wished and, on the other hand, it supports the increasingly integrated structure of our different FinanceSuite modules. These aspects are of great importance for those customers that use more than one product.

Does Hanse Orga not lose the required flexibility with these fixed update schedules?

Rechenauer: Our willingness to realize not only error corrections but to also include changes or enhancements in our patches ensures that we maintain the necessary flexibility that is also expected by our customers. We will perform such changes and enhancements when it is not acceptable to wait for the next release.

What do I have to do to receive product update?

Rechenauer: An existing maintenance contract is required to be able to use regular product updates. If you have a maintenance contract, you only have to contact your account manager who will then initiate the required steps so that the update is available to you quickly. We recommend integrating the Hanse Orga Group Consulting in this process. This will ensure a smooth update.

Do I have to use the product updates?

Rechenauer: No, you do not have to use the product updates, but we do recommend that all our customers update their products regularly.

Why does it make sense to perform product updates in the first place?

Rechenauer: First of all, you can only use all new functionalities, if you update your products. I am convinced that regular updates are worth your time based on the functional developments of the products. In addition, regular updates increase the stability of the software. Also, updates ensure your right to maintenance. Without updates, our customers could encounter significant damages.

Who can our customers contact if they have additional questions?

Rechenauer: The first point of contact for issues like this is the account manager. Our account managers will then, if necessary, include colleagues from our consulting and/or product management departments.