Review of the Global User Meeting

The two-day event for our customers in Hamburg, Germany, in October was a great success. The yearly event is dedicated to the national and international customers of Hanse Orga, cogon and SymQ, the three subsidiaries of Hanse Orga Group, the umbrella brand. Around 400 customers participated in the event – a record number of participants!

Outlook: Launch of FS2, fostering partnerships
One of the highlights of the event was the presentation by CEO Sven Lindemann who presented the future strategy and announced the launch of FS2, the modern software family that builds on the proven FinanceSuite of Hanse Orga, expands its features and includes Fiori and Business Intelligence Reporting. The software is integrated in SAP and compatible with SAP’s S/4HANA and Simple Finance as well as with previous SAP systems, and readies customers for the future already today! For more information, please see our solutions website on FS2.

Strengthening existing partnerships and fostering new ones to the benefit of customers has been a cornerstone of recent activities of Hanse Orga Group. For example, Hanse Orga and PriceWaterhouseCoopers are currently working together to devise a real-time reporting tool for CFOs.

With regards to multi-ERP solutions, cogon introduced its new web-based payments solution CPWeb which will enable customers to streamline payments processes and to flexibly connect local entities to the system. This provides them with a truly centralized view over their company-wide cash flows.

SymQ, the SAP Treasury Consulting entitiy of Hanse Orga Group, provided insights into SAP’s innovations in their Treasury and Risk Management including IFRS 9 as well as SAP Cash Management for HANA and Simple Finance.

24 Workshops
Due to the increasing number of customers and participants, the range of the workshops was extended to six parallel streams of four workshops to cater as much as possible for the interests of all participants.

Peer-to-peer exchange and learning
In addition to learning from case studies, this year on the payment factory set up by the German airline Lufthansa, the user meeting is a unique opportunity for customers to meet their peers and to exchange ideas with each other. Participants confirmed this in the feedback survey after the event. 98 % of the participants said the event was good or very good!

We thank all participants for making this event a highlight again. We are grateful for your valuable input, questions and feedback! We look forward to welcoming you again next year.

Save the date: October 27-28, 2016!