New Functionalities in the Release 4.3.4 of the FinanceSuite Modules Cash & Liquidity Management and Treasury Management

The release 4.3.4 of the FinanceSuite Module Cash & Liquidity Management and Treasury Management will be available as of March 31. The new release of the FinanceSuite Treasury Management includes a leasing solution, essential enhancements to the processing of financial instruments for accounting according to the local standards HGB, US-GAAP and DAS as well as IFRS. All these accounting standards are supported by the FinanceSuite Treasury Management. In addition, the new release offers everything that companies of the class NFC- need to automatically generate EMIR reports for all the derivatives entered in the Treasury module, as well as an enhancement of the Money Market module to include variable rate instruments.

The enhanced functionality for factoring is a new feature in Cash Management. If companies use factoring, it impacts the amount and maturity of receivables which in turn have to be considered when generating forecasts. Thus, now you can define value date shifts and amount changes accordingly in the factoring function. Release 4.3.4 also simplifies the use of bank statements, as they can now be transferred directly from the external SAP client without having to generate a file first thereby eliminating an intermediate step in the processing chain.

A new plan group type "opening balance changes" was added to the module Liquidity Management to further simplify the plan/actual comparison. This plan group is automatically calculated as well and can be integrated in every Liquidity Management report. As a result, transparency is increased, if opening balances are set for a defined period.

Detailed information will be available in March. Please contact us, if you have additional questions. We are happy to support you.