FS2 – the new generation of intelligent financial software

We first announced the launch of FS2 during our global user meeting on October 15-16, 2015. It is the intelligent software family that unites powerful functions with a modern look and new features such as Fiori and Business Intelligence Reporting. FS2, the next generation of working capital management financial solutions, actively helps you control and improve complex global problems. The announcement was very positively received by all customers, and some said: “If my CFO sees this, he will want this straight away”!

Integrated in SAP
One of the greatest advantages of our solutions is that the software sits directly within a customer’s SAP landscape. So, users are familiar with the look of the software from day one, risk-prone interfaces are avoided and process efficiency can be maximized significantly.

FS2 builds on the proven technology of the FinanceSuite and delivers powerful features as well as a sleek new design. With Fiori we offer a new design which is much more user friendly than the previous SAP user interface: from a catalog, users and managers can select the apps they need, and arrange them on their individual and role-based dashboard. They can easily and quickly start processes via the dashboard. It enables customers to monitor in real time the status of processes or key performance indicators. If processes need attention, the individual app shows a warning sign so that immediate action can be taken. Fiori delivers an entirely new and modern user experience. Hanse Orga is a very early mover on Fiori and has developed a comprehensive catalog of apps that make customer’s lives so much easier than before.

Business Intelligence Reporting
CFOs will particularly appreciate the new reporting features of FS2. With FS2 they can very flexibly configure the reporting they need for their company. They decide how granular or aggregated they want the reporting data to be and can drill down or sideways in all directions for more detailed information. Graphical visualization gives the CFO instant access to the data and key figures. With such solid business and financial data they can make better-informed decisions than ever before and streamline processes in the areas of payments, cash application, account statement management, cash, liquidity and treasury management, eBAM and working capital management.

FS2 is fully compatible with the new SAP S/4HANA and Simple Finance as well as with previous SAP systems. Customers can use FS2 already now without having to implement S/4HANA and still reap the full benefits! It fully adapts to the customer’s individual set-up, whether it is an on-premise SAP environment, in the cloud or a hybrid solution. FS2 is mobile and accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device. With FS2 we ready you for the future!

Further details on the TMI Award can be found in our press release. For more information on FS2, please visit our website where you will find our product brochures and videos or contact us, if you are interested in a live demo!