Did You Know that …? (FinanceSuite eBAM - Bank Performance Analysis)

In our new newsletter column we regularly introduce our SAP-integrated FinanceSuite modules in a nutshell. The focus this time lies on Bank Performance Analysis with the FinanceSuite eBAM – for the best-possible control of your bank fees. With this solution, Hanse Orga is one of the pioneers in the area of bank fee analysis.

Did you know that with the sub-module Bank Performance Analysis you …

  • keep an eye on your company-wide bank fees,
  • can analyze whether actual bank fees correspond with the agreed bank fees,
  • receive detailed bank fee forecasts at the end of each month,
  • can generate bank fee simulations and what-if scenarios,
  • can assign and reconcile bank fees automatically,
  • achieve highest-possible security due to a complete SAP integration and a continuous document chain,
  • can use flexible functions and adjust them to your specific needs,
  • can generate trend analyses for your companies, regions, countries, etc.,
  • can use the Hanse Orga Dispute Resolution Workflow Manager for all bank fee differences,
  • can use a serial letter function including the automatic population of templates for your correspondence with banks,
  • can electronically archive all your bank fee statements,
  • can use extensive and flexible reporting functionalities to deliver relevant KPIs to your management,
  • can perform continuous comparisons of bank conditions,
  • can seamlessly process both standardized bank fee statements such as TWIST BSB, camt.086, ANSI X12 822 and bank-specific formats and unformatted statements (e.g., PDF, Excel),
  • can use AFP Global Service Codes® to compare the services of different banks?

If you would like to learn more about the unique functions of FinanceSuite eBAM, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your personal account manager will be happy to support you.