A Business Case – What Is it and How Does it Help Customers Achieve Better Projects?

When organizations are planning to invest in new software, they can usually only estimate the costs that might arise and to what extend the new software can improve processes. In order to provide customers with more clarity on what they can expect in terms of outcome and costs of a project, we offer to first analyze the current challenges and aims of a company and summarize the results in a business case. As a consequence, customers do not have to invest their entire budget in the great unknown, but instead spend only a small sum on a detailed analysis that gives them a clear overview of the specific options of the software for the organization and helps them make an informed decision.

Business cases are a specific strength of Hanse Orga and an important factor why our customers usually build especially successful projects. Here we would like to explain what our business cases entail exactly and how organizations benefit from them.   

Taking individual challenges and objectives into account
Organizations across all industries have similar requirements in regard to best plan liquidity, realize proper accounting, ensure transparent finance processes, etc. Each organization, however, has to meet also individual challenges: customer base, payment methods, international subsidiaries, currencies, interest transactions and numerous other aspects vary from one organization to the other around the globe.

Thus, there is not the one magic formula for all organizations but you have to find the right solution for each individual organization. For this reason, we see the business case as the first step towards that goal.

Analysis in cooperation with the customer
Together with the experts on the customer-side our experienced Solution Architects first take stock of the existing infrastructure and processes, compare them with the requirements of the organization, show optimization potentials and prepare a detailed concept that shows with which software modules, which project team, which resources and in which time which improvements can be achieved.

This cooperative approach ensures that all corresponding finance staff and management are included from the start and receive valuable insights in challenges and objectives. This is important for the success of the project.

Detailed look at the status quo and the potential for improvement
To provide as complete a picture as possible, our solution architects are thorough when taking stock and look at many different elements, depending on the scope of the project and the company’s requirements, such as systems (SAP, non-SAP, operating system, archive, etc.), number of payment runs, protocols, formats, types of financial transactions, bank statement items, countries, currencies, workflows and many more.

Such important data are not only collected from documents and systems but also in discussions during a workshop that takes up to two days. It usually yields the most important information on the basis of which our experienced solution architects can quickly identify possible weak points and opportunities for improvement.

Data analysis, experienced solution architects, close cooperation – the three most important components for success
At the end of the business case, we provide our customers with a detailed report, including tailor-made recommendations, which serves as an important basis of decision-making for the customer.

In summary, the result of the business case includes the following items:

  • Detailed representation of current processes - Often organizations do not know the details of their own processes
  • Optimization potentials - Process improvements, feasible time savings, etc.
  • Display of processes including possible optimizations
  • Recommended actions
  • Detailed overview of a possible project (effort Hanse Orga, effort customer, timeframe, etc.)
  • Budget – overview of entire costs of the project
  • Possible Return on Investment (ROI) considerations

The business cases are performed by experienced solution architects who have already successfully realized numerous business cases with national and international customers in their respective finance areas – from mid-sized organizations to global players.

If you want to learn more about business cases, please feel free to use our contact form for your questions!