27/06/2017 - Michael Köhler, Consultant Risk Management, Hanse Orga Group

Three takeaways from this year’s NACMs 121st Credit Congress & Expo

NACM Credit Congress & Expo is a major event in the US for commercial credit professionals, from executives to credit and collection representatives, representing a wide range of companies from all industry sectors and including Fortune 500 companies. At this year’s Congress, which took place in Dallas from June 11-14, we saw several trends that will impact our customers – here are three things you need to know.

The professionalization of credit management is moving forward: more and more businesses are realizing the need for a professional handling of customer credit risks and are willing to invest in this area. The ways in which organizations move forward include:

Process optimization with specialized credit, dispute and collections management software solutions

  • Automating customer credit risk analysis and scoring procedures is key to achieving efficient and successful credit management today. The same is true for dispute and collections management.
  • Seamless integration in their existing SAP system is a main topic for the organizations, including
  • Electronic credit limit approval – with full SAP-integration, no risk-prone interfaces or data upload needed
  • Credit Management Cockpit – providing all relevant information at a glance and delivering an unprecedented user experience
  • SAP-integrated management of external data (for example Dun & Bradstreet)
  • State of the art KPI-Reporting: All key figures at hand including visualization and drill-down functionalities

These key objectives of companies are the reason why Hanse Orga Group has focused on providing automation solutions for the areas of credit, collection and dispute management. They are fully embedded in SAP and, for example, enable companies to reduce bad debt losses by 40% on average, and reduce the time typically spent on dispute resolution by 35% on average.

Process consulting from credit management experts drives efficiency gains

Highly respected experts in the field can support organizations in significantly improving their credit management. Know-how transfer and best practice approaches help businesses finding ways to optimize the overall performance of their credit Management. 

Credit management education is in high demand

To support and enhance personal and professional growth, building up know-how in credit management is absolutely fundamental. Developing employees to professionals has been at the fore front of this year’s Credit Congress & Expo in Grapevine. Educational sessions, real and virtual, will continue to be in demand as the importance of credit management for businesses continues to grow.

For further reading, please also have a look at the whitepaper of the ARO2C Network on “5 Ways Automated Credit Risk Management Moves Your Business Forward”

Request an education web session with one of our highly qualified subject matter experts, if you are interested in finding out more about our solutions and consulting. 

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