Did You Know that...? (FinanceSuite Mandate Management)

In our newsletter we would like to introduce you again to one of our SAP-integrated software solutions. This time we will feature the FinanceSuite Mandate Management.

With the SEPA migration conditions for direct debits have changed: Mandates have to be archived now, and additional information is required for SEPA mandates. This is a substantial challenge especially for large organizations that have many direct debit mandates and complex systems. For companies that used temporary solutions to handle the SEPA migration of mandates due to a lack of time, the extension of the transitional period could prove an ideal time to replace these temporary solutions with professional software such as FinanceSuite Mandate Management.

Did you know that with the FinanceSuite Mandate Management you …

  • can manage all your mandates at once
  • have a central overview, even if your customers have multiple contracts with SAP and non-SAP companies in your group in numerous general ledger/subledger systems,
  • are able to process all mandates integrated in SAP, even those from non-SAP systems, and, because of this,
  • do not have to adapt your ERP, host and subledger systems to SEPA,
  • have access to a conversion engine to convert formats to or from XML,
  • can process the entire life cycle of a mandate,
  • can automatically process returns,
  • can save your business partner and creditor data centrally in SAP and update them automatically,
  • can enrich existing direct debit mandates automatically with SEPA-relevant data such as creditor ID,
  • can seamlessly integrate local host systems to your central mandate management,
  • receive a chronological where-used list,
  • achieve a direct integration with SAP, with the FinanceSuite Payment Management and other modules

You can find additional information in our product sheet on the FinanceSuite Mandate Management. Please contact us if you have additional questions!

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