27/04/2016 - Kevin Grant, Member of the Executive Board, Hanse Orga Group

Leveraging technology to achieve treasury effectiveness and efficiency

Hanse Orga supported the IACCT & ATC Treasury Forum 2016, which took place in Hong Kong on April 27, as a silver sponsor. During this one-day event for treasury experts, I had the pleasure to participate in the well-attended panel discussion on “Leveraging technology to achieve treasury effectiveness and efficiency”.

By way of introduction to the topic, Hong Kong Monetary Authority outlined the importance of Hong Kong as a financial center stating $123bn of outward investment from and $126bn of inward investment in mainland China annually.

New tax initiatives are expected to receive final approval this year which will enhance Hong Kong's reputation for the establishment of corporate regional treasury centers.

The Asian region is bracing itself for the impact of Basel III with funding limitations high on the list of items that worry local Treasurers.

These key challenges need to be addressed to avoid any risks to an organization. Technology was discussed as an important means to help get clarity on key figures and data that are the important basis on which Treasurers make their strategic decisions. Excel is still widely used in the region: an active poll amongst participants showed a level of 69 % of Excel usage for treasury operations.

Everyone in the panel agreed that Excel is highly flexible but also has its limitations. Thus, I took great pleasure in explaining the enhanced business intelligence real-time reporting and workflow-based solutions that are now available within SAP for treasury. The new FS2 software family developed by Hanse Orga provides the vital features that treasurers need for setting up efficient in-house banking, payments factories and working capital management. The solutions are compatible with mobile devices and are flexibly deployable in the cloud, on premise or as a hybrid solution.

Technology is key in identifying and releasing trapped cash within enterprises so that they are less dependent upon external funding.

Now really is the time to get off spreadsheet-based analytics and reporting and move to intelligent management dashboards such as Hanse Orga’s solutions that build on existing SAP landscapes and thus enhance a company’s return on investment in the existing SAP enterprise resource planning.

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