20/10/2015 - Sven Lindemann, CEO of Hanse Orga Group

Hanse Orga Announces FS2

The world is changing quicker than ever. Volatile business environments, big data, global reach and security aspects are only some of the challenges corporate treasurers are facing today.

Managing finances in times that are moving ever faster, means that treasurers need to be on their heels and always ready for the future.

We understand your challenges and have therefore developed a revolutionary new finance software family: FS2!

During our annual Global User Meeting, which took place in Hamburg, Germany, on October 15 and 16, we announced the release of FS2.  

We are really excited about FS2 and I’m sure you are wondering why we developed it and what exactly is FS2? I will start with “What is FS2?” It is our next generation of working capital management financial solutions that builds on and enhances our proven FinanceSuite software solutions and offers Treasurers and Financial Professionals a sophisticated and holistic approach for efficient global cash management processes.  

Now let’s move on to the “Why” of developing FS2: We are enthusiastic about FS2 because it brings clarity to complex processes such as global cash, supply chain finance, payments and receivables management giving you control, cost and valuable benefits through an intuitive interactive User Interface (UI). Best of all, FS2 seamlessly integrates global financial data from unlimited source systems, driving informed decisions for your management team with real-time key performance indicator data on client configurable dashboards. We are sure that you will appreciate the value of FS2 as it is fully integrated in SAP and thus leverages your existing investment in SAP.

You will also recognize that FS2 is built to enhance our proven FinanceSuite software modules that manage receivables, payments, treasury, cash and liquidity, bank accounts, working capital and account statements. The FS2 release will be available early 2016 and will contain the following new features: 

  • Fiori Apps:  A sleek new UI with structured transactions that allow you to create individual role-based dashboards which enables you to easily view approvals, alerts and to track progress on key financial workflow data. It is dynamic in supporting multiple languages with its easy web user interface ready-to-go application. 
  • Business Intelligence Reporting (BI Reporting):  Fully compatible with Fiori allowing you to quickly set-up new reports and run queries based on daily or historical data providing comprehensive and flexible reporting.
  • Mobile:  FS2 is supported and available on all mobile devices, such as iOS and Android, which allows you to do your job anywhere, anytime on any mobile device.
  • Compatible with S/4HANA and Simple Finance:  SAP S/4HANA compliant and works with SAP Simple Finance which allows for real time reporting utilizing less memory saving you cost. 
  • Supports previous SAP systems:  It also supports pre-HANA SAP versions, which allows you to migrate to FS2 before you invest in S/4HANA and HANA.
  • Adaptable with independent ERP solutions:  Seamless integration that allows data exchange , data enrichment and data validation to and from other ERP systems.  

FS2 is also compliant and fully supports regulatory and compliance reporting including international accounting standards and processes.  

Sound interesting? Do you want to learn more about how FS2 is the most exciting Treasury Solution today that allows for a centralized consolidated view on a global scale, bringing control and comprehensive visibility while seamlessly integrating your financial data from unlimited source systems for real-time informed decisions? Great! Contact us today and stay tuned to our blog for more information about FS2.

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