19/09/2017 - Rene Donko, Division Manager Credit & Receivables, Hanse Orga Group

E-Post Drive: Create and send your business correspondences directly in SAP®

A new SAP integrated solution for business correspondences may just make life easier for many German companies. From receivables management, to purchase, legal departments and overall administration - E-Post Drive refines the way your business communicates.

Mail communication is common in every company, but handling the daily flood of written letters and invoices is still time and cost-intensive. E-POST, a service of the Deutsche Post AG, enables its customers to transform their digital correspondence into written documents that meet the current legal demands in Germany. This way companies can completely digitalize their communication coming through their inbox – be it printed products or safe digital communication. 

In daily business many documents are created in SAP by different company departments. Currently it is not possible to choose alternative dispatches in SAP which combine the advantages of digital mail and physical mail. 

The new SAP-integrated E-POST Drive from Hanse Orga Group can be used to digitalize all business correspondence from end-to-end. Users can send documents and digital correspondence directly and paperless. 

Companies that use SAP for their daily correspondence or rely on data directly transferred out of SAP can now send E-POST directly out of the same system digitally or as physical letter. 

This way companies can use all benefits of E-POST without leaving their familiar SAP environment. Responsible officials in correspondence intensive business units (like sales, receivables management, purchase or legal and compliance) can be supported and noticeably relieved through this software.   

For further details, please visit our E-POST-DRIVE page (in German).

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