New FinanceSuite Releases

This spring, our customers were provided with new versions of some of our FinanceSuite solutions. Please find a summary of the most important changes below.

After version 4.3 for FinanceSuite CLT, with a focus on the further development of our Cash & Liquidity Management modules was delivered in January, we rolled out the new version 4.3.1 with a focus on Treasury Management at the end of March. One main feature of the new release is the interactive FX worksheet, an instrument to manage FX exposures. In addition, functions for Valuation and Reporting were strengthened. For example, you can now perform valuation-dependent postings directly in SAP FI. In addition, you can import calculated zero rates directly from Deutsche Bundesbank so that you can value the transactions in EUR without connection to market data providers or use it as an alternative or to check,  e.g., Libor rates.  Benchmarking of interest is another function that enhances the Treasury Management and supports the Treasurers in their work.

Version 5.0 of FinanceSuite AutoBank Automatic Cash Application includes, in addition to many functional improvements in the post-processing for bank statements, remittance advices and lockboxes, reworked user interfaces. Another focus of this version was the improvement of processing of remittance advices.  This includes enhanced search functions and a more flexible handling of deduction types. With the new remittance advice monitor you can link remittance advices directly with incoming payments in the bank statement, this also facilitates reporting.

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