Hanse Orga’s FS² Payments automates, unifies and centralizes your payment management processes. Dynamic and flexible with a simplified and secure approval process, it provides transparency and real-time status while easily integrating into your existing workflow framework and SAP environment. 

Trusted by a 1,000 of our customers throughout a dozen industries within their 10,000+ subsidiaries, across a geographical span of 150+ counties. Hanse Orga client’s payments are processed throughout almost 200 countries – all by FS² Payments supporting their international and domestic payment methods. 

With FS² Payments, you can utilize your SAP master data, so you no longer need to maintain more than one database or tool, as well as connect to other SAP systems and modules; data that is generated in SAP, stays in SAP. The software also supports other ERP solutions; and easily integrates to import, manage and send payment files, including gathering account information from banks to distribute them to your various connected ERP systems.

FS² Payments also makes it effortless for you to set up approvals to comply with internal audit regulations and defined business rules. It allows approvals to be done on a functional basis, as in a “multiple-eye-principle”, or in combination with “bank approvals” for external approvals towards banks, as in electronic signatures or corporate seal. 

The solution is simple but yet powerful. It enables you to manage a robust payment workflow and payment factory globally; a simple way to merge and combine payments including more complex situations such as “payments on behalf of” (POBO). The software enhances, facilitates and supports your in-house banking needs and helps to reduce the overall rates of banking fees.

A modular component of the FS² software family, FS² Payments includes Fiori, a sleek new user interface with expedient drill down functionality and Business Intelligence Reporting for easy to use and vivid graphics on dashboards set-up and managed by your end users. 

Since FS² Payments fully integrates with your SAP environment, on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid of both scenarios, it brings added value and capitalizes on your initial SAP investments providing you with the benefits of ECC, HANA, and S/4HANA Finance  now that is smart payment management!

Download our FS² Payments product brochure for more information. Only have 90 seconds? Check out our FS² Payments video!

Highlights and Benefits of FS² Payments

  • Centralizes and consolidates payment management processes
  • Installs directly in your SAP environment
  • Accepts all international financial formats
  • Real time status on all payment transactions
  • SmartMonitor delivers complete transparent overview of all payments
  • SmartConnect saves you money with a single dedicated bank communication tool
  • Payment Optimization lets you define payment rules saving time and cost 
  • Payment Factory for simple or complex centralization of cash flows
  • Conversion Engine creates, optimizes, or converts numerous payment formats
  • Flexible, powerful workflows
  • Robust reports/analytics/metrics
  • Compliant with latest SAP technology – SAP S/4HANA Finance
  • Added value and investment to your SAP
  • Trusted SAP security

How FS² Payments Works


SmartMonitor is our comprehensive monitoring feature which provides a full end-to-end view of companywide payment statuses such as import, file creation, individualized approval processes, and distribution via integrated bank communication. It also displays confirmations by receiving and processing status messages from banks.


Interacting with several banks is easy with FS² Payments SmartConnect, a dedicated bank communication tool that offers diverse communication channels and protocols without additional programming. It automatically supports EBICS, SWIFT, https, FTX, host-connections like (S)FTP, http and more helping you keep expenses down.

Coversion Engine

With a robust Conversion Engine, FS² Payments can automatically create or convert numerous international payment formats to your in-house or banks’ regulations, international standards or even internal in-house formats. 

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