FS² Collections for SAP – the next-generation for a fast and cost-effective collections management supports you in proactively managing of overdue receivables by optimizing the collections effort, reduce collection costs and bad debt write-offs, automate the escalation of open items and speed up the collection processes with customizable workflows. 

FS² Collections increases efficiency by at least 30% by reducing repetitive activities and making time available for higher value activities. Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) are reduced by 10% and you will have less write-offs and lower operating costs. 

The aim of the software is to record the collection measures in a virtual collaboration file to allow all relevant users to have access to the same information. All users will have the possibility to work together to reduce accelerate collections as quickly as possible for improving cash flow and reducing DSO. Effectively monitor your collection measures with customizable alerts. Organize, monitor and report on your customer base with flexible selection parameters that let you segment companies by the settings you value.

FS² Collections offers predefined yet configurable best practice processes and templates for achieving a standardized collections management such as collection calls, deferred payment agreements, settlement agreements, reminder (dunning) letters, bankruptcy proceedings and many more. 

FS² Collections is programmed in ABAP, the SAP proprietary programming language. It is fully embedded in your SAP environment leveraging your existing SAP investment and managed by your SAP user access and security. FS² Collections works with previous SAP systems such as ECC as well as with SAP's latest technology S/4HANA Finance 

FS² Collections Lightbulb

Highlights and Benefits of FS² Collections

  • Expert solution to drive effective and efficient collections process
  • Entire collections process centralized in one single platform integrated in SAP
  • Flexible definition and implementation of collections strategies aligned overall collection goals (collection calls, promised payments, payment plans, write-offs, etc.)
  • Automated, built-in approval workflows aligned with your organization’s hierarchy
  • Virtual Collaboration File incl. Cockpit, partner/contact management, process management, task management, document management, worklist and link management
  • Digitization of your collections processes
  • Better organization and structuring of business processes
  • Increasing productivity, efficiency and transparency
  • MS Word integration
  • Automated data collection
  • Process-based templates, e.g. dunning letters
  • Automated creation of correspondences
  • Comprehensive reporting framework
  • Collections Management Dashboard - visualization of KPI's
  • Specialized Workflow Engine for Process Automation
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