FinanceSuite Working Capital management

Tap your optimization potential and achieve continuous control. 

Research shows that companies with an optimal level of working capital are particularly robust and are often ahead of the game. 

This is why we have created the FinanceSuite Working Capital Management as a modern business intelligence tool which helps you to unveil the optimization potential of your working capital management and to release valuable trapped cash. 

Instead of merely analyzing days sales outstanding (DSO) or days payables outstanding (DPO) on certain fixed reporting dates, you will be empowered by our tool to generate dynamic work capital analyses which include a broader range of key figures from your accounts receivable and payable processing, including among others payment conditions, payment behavior, usage of early payment discounts or due dates. Automatic analyses on the basis of document and transaction data from your SAP and non-SAP systems enable a continuous controlling, and generate the highest level of transparency possible. Besides direct key figure comparisons between your company’s entities, customers, product groups etc. you can also view the details down to the individual document via the central management dashboard of the solution. This offers an enticement to pursue further optimization and helps you to sustainably increase your enterprise value.


  • Sustainable releasing of liquidity and generation of P&L effects 
  • Short payback period through realizing the potential
  • Increase of the internal financing capacity 
  • Optimization of the process quality 
  • Access to the data from everywhere depending on access rights (web-based solution)
  • For SAP and non-SAP entities 
  • Fast implementation for immediate results

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