FinanceSuite Cash & Liquidity Management

Keep your cash under control with the intelligent functions of FinanceSuite Cash & Liquidity Management

The FinanceSuite Cash & Liquidity Management solution enables you to get visibility, control and optimisation for your cash management and liquidity planning. The intuitive design coupled with its powerful functionality brings higher levels of automation to the daily cash management processes. The integration in SAP allows organisations to extract all relevant data from the various SAP ledgers interface-free while performing its cash management functions independently from the financial accounting processes. Implementation time of the highly configurable software is kept to a minimum. It brings unparalleled transparency and automation to your enterprise-wide cash management (also non-SAP) and supports effective cash pooling.

Cash Management Processes: 
1. Retrieval of account data: System calculates value date balances per account, 
2a. Account reconciliation/determination of value date-based opening balance: Reconciliation of previous day‘s forecast/bank statement items,  
2b. National and international payment transactions with automatic short-term planning, 
3. Determination of the current day‘s forecasts per account / determination of value date-based closing balance per account (automatic input from payment file accounting, Hanse Orga FinanceSuite modules, subsidiaries, CFM / CML, TRM), 
4. Accounts clearing national/international: automatic and manual cash pooling to determine the company's overall liquidity, 
5a. Payment orders from cash pooling, money market and payment transactions are transferred automatically to the bank, 
5b. Automatic transfer of data (money market, foreign exchange, loans, interest derivatives, guarantees), 
investment and borrowing of overnight and fixed term deposits, Automatic planning of interest, incoming and outgoing payments to FinanceSuite Treasury Management


  • Group-wide real-time view on cash and liquidity
  • Strong forecasting and planning
  • Cash optimisation tools
  • Efficiency through high levels of automation
  • Modelling and scenario-planning
  • Full integration in SAP, also including non-SAP companies
  • Visibility and control over planning and actuals
  • Comprehensive reporting for all stakeholders
  • Independence from accounting processes

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