FinanceSuite for SAP

The growing demand for higher efficiency of financial processes within companies has become a global catalyst for seeking and deploying automated solutions. These solutions can support the required fundamental and tactical changes to optimise the processes within the financial supply chain.

Hanse Orga’s SAP-integrated FinanceSuite solutions support customers to gain visibility, control and efficiency over these processes with powerful software applications. The FinanceSuite covers seven modules, all of which can be combined flexibly to meet the individual requirements of the customer. All functions can therefore be directly applied and accessed in SAP.

FinanceSuite Cash & Liquidity Management

One of the most important tasks of a Treasurer is optimizing the control of the company’s liquidity. Find out more about our innovative SAP-integrated FinanceSuite software which will help master this task!

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FinanceSuite Payment Management

When having to support multiple departments and back office systems generating payments and settlements, it is often difficult to obtain a harmonized central overview of all payment activities. Sound familiar? 

With our SAP-integrated solution, we can help centralize your payments and provide additional security for your payment data and workflows.  Establishing a payment factory to manage payment settlements is another feature of our FinanceSuite Payment Management. 

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FinanceSuite AutoBank Automatic Cash Application

Would you like to automate your receivables management and maximize your hit rate posting at the line item level?

Find out more about how you can achieve this with our SAP-integrated technology for automating the processing of bank statements, remittance advices,and lockbox data while saving time and administration costs.

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Financesuite Treasury Management

Every day, Treasurers are faced with increasing demands: they have to reliably administer financial transactions, improve processes to be more efficient, control risks, and adhere to government and industry regulations. Great, if you can rely on innovative software such as our FinanceSuite Treasury Management that offers full SAP-integration.

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FinanceSuite eBAM

Would you like to automatically manage your bank accounts and reduce the amount of time it takes to locate and associate important bank documents?

Would you like to automatically reconcile the service fees charged by your banks with the volumes and agreed pricing, and be able to compare these charges across your other banks?

Would you like to automatically generate regulatory compliance and audit reports?

Find the answers and much more with our pioneering SAP-integrated software solution. 

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FinanceSuite Working Capital Management

FinanceSuite Working Capital Management is an innovative software solution that enables you to achieve unparalleled levels of efficiency in the management of your working capital. In conjunction with our holistic consulting approach you can easily unveil the hidden potentials for your company.

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FinanceSuite Account Statement Manager

The SAP-integrated FinanceSuite Account Statement Manager enables an automatic processing of bank statements in all important formats worldwide including the new ISO 20022 camt format and also the BAI2 format.

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