Courses: FinanceSuite AutoBank Automatic Cash Application

FinanceSuite AutoBank Automatic Cash Application automatically processes information from bank statements, remittance advices and lockboxes. Specific filter functions and a direct subledger connection ensure optimal assignment rates and direct posting. With the right configurations you make processing of bank statements, remittance advices or lockbox data even more efficient. Fiori Apps provide a user-friendly interface. FS² Analytics provides support with Business Intelligence features.


Bank Statements

  • Performance Cockpit
  • Research
  • Bank Statement Router
  • Post-processing
  • Dispute Workflow
  • Intreday Bank Statements

Remittance Advices

  • BPI
  • Processing of paper and electronic remittance advices


Subledger Connection


Team Manager

Cash Allocation Worksheet


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  • Challenges and objectives
  • Solution
    • OCR process
    • AutoBank process
    • Settings in AutoBank
  • Functions in AutoBank
    • Import function
    • Monitor
    • Post-processing

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  • Process integration BPI server
  • Basic settings
  • Format definition
  • Conversion rules
  • Authorisation concept
  • Technical infrastructure

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  • Interaction of general ledger/subledger
  • Connection SAP subledger
  • Connection host

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  • Bank Statement Router
  • Automatic posting
  • Post-processing
  • Dispute Workflow
  • Performance Cockpit
  • Research
  • Reports
  • Archiving
  • Team Manager
  • Cash Allocation Worksheet
  • Intraday Bank Statements
  • SmartMaintenance

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  • Remittance advice processing
  • Format structures of remittance advices
  • Handling of paper-based remittance advices
  • Intercompany payments
  • Link to bank statement

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  • Lockbox procedure
  • Lockbox standard formats
  • Processing steps
  • Post-processing
  • Link to bank statement

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  • General introduction
  • Technical background
  • Reports and KPIs AutoBank Analytics
  • Handling and analysis
  • Function and features
  • Data analysis and pointers
  • Fiori Apps

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