Processing camt – Account Statement Manager

The camt formats are a viable alternative to MT messages for Bank-to-Customer reporting. The benefit of the standardized XML camt formats is that they can process XML payment formats, deliver a higher degree of detail, provide better-structured bank statement information and offer significantly more space for each transaction. Using camt formats is not mandatory in contrast to the SEPA payment formats; however, camt formats can significantly support companies in achieving straight-through processing.

Corporations that wish to use camt will need banks that deliver the camt formats and they require software that is capable of processing these new formats. As standard applications often did not provide the necessary features for such an automated processing, Hanse Orga has been a frontrunner and has developed the Account Statement Manager which enables an automated and SAP®-integrated processing of camt formats and other international formats such as the US format BAI2. In its current version 1.2.1, the Account Statement Manager supports the formats MT940, BAI2, CAMT.052.001.02, CAMT.053.001.02, CAMT.053.001.03, CAMT.054.001.02, MT942, and MT941.

The camt format is gaining momentum as a survey in one of our recent webinars has shown: Almost half of the organizations surveyed can already process camt formats or are planning to adjust their system in order to be able to use camt in the future.

If you would like to benefit from the advantages of a straight-through processing of camt statements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to support you!