About Hanse Orga

History of the Company

The Hanse Orga AG was founded in 1984 with a focus on providing consultancy to companies seeking to enhance their financial supply chain management. The company, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, is an independent and privately-owned company. Due to ongoing growth of the international activities, subsidiaries of Hanse Orga were established in 2004 and today spread across the Netherlands, France, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Hong Kong and the USA.

The first software product of Hanse Orga was a solution for cash management and liquidity planning: the Moneta-Treasury-Workstation. In 1994, this solution was complemented by AutoBank, a solution for automatic cash application. Upon the specific request by SAP in 1999, Hanse Orga developed an innovative liquidity solution in SAP, which was a turning point for Hanse Orga. From this successful project evolved a close long-term partnership with SAP that continues to thrive today. Since 2000, Hanse Orga has integrated its solutions into the SAP framework.

In 2007, Hanse Orga produced the ipcNavigator for SAP enabling the set-up of global payment factories. In the subsequent year, Hanse Orga’s products were fully certified by SAP – this distinction officially confirmed the high quality of the products. Further innovations were launched in 2010 and 2011 and included the treasury workstation for SAP and eBAM (electronic Bank Account Management).

In 2011, all of the SAP-integrated Hanse Orga solutions were logically regrouped and rebranded with the introduction of the FinanceSuite: AutoBank Automatic Cash Application, Cash & Liquidity Management, Payment Management (certified as a SWIFT Application Ready for Corporates), Treasury Management and eBAM. The non-SAP products AutoBank Next Generation and Moneta Next Generation are now part of the product portfolio of the subsidiary cogon GmbH where they are further developed as web-based solutions.

Successful projects empowered by intelligent solutions and strong consulting

Since the early days of the company the strategy has been to focus on creating software solutions automate and standardise financial processes. Our solutions have been successfully deployed in all industry sectors and are used by large and medium-sized companies as well as many global corporates. The SAP-integrated solutions bring added value to our customers’ existing SAP system not only by providing robust functionality but also by empowering the business users. Thus, you get the best of both: your investment in SAP is put to optimal use, and it is complemented by the powerful add-ons of the FinanceSuite. Increased efficiency and cost savings are the logical business benefits. Hanse Orga’s FinanceSuite solutions have been programmed in ABAP and are certified by SAP providing full compatibility and seamless integration. Our dedication towards creating and enhancing our products to the benefit of our customers is demonstrated by the share of revenue that is re-invested in product development as well as by the transparent product roadmap for the individual solutions.

Further internationalisation and growth

Since 2004, Hanse Orga has been expanding into international markets: in 2005 and 2006 subsidiaries were established in France and in the Netherlands. Following the acquisition of several Fortune 500 companies, Hanse Orga established its US office in 2011. As we continue to grow more regions will be added in the future. Today, around 10 % of our more than 1,000 customers are international companies, a number that is increasing sharply. 
Due to a globally increasing demand for our technologically elaborate and economically reasonable software solution we at Hanse Orga can look back on a financially stable, double-digit growth year over year.