Payments and finances are sensitive issues in every organization and require especially secure and stable processes. Complex corporate and process structures require a reliable and intelligent system as central steering unit. Only then can cash flows in organizations be managed and controlled effectively.

Our solutions are designed exactly for this. They can be adapted ideally to the corresponding corporate structures and adjusted to the requirements due to its modular structure. Its simple and intuitive use also means that users only need little time to get used to the system. Our customers can benefit from the varied benefits very quickly.

Cogon has been Microsoft Gold Partner for many years now. The Gold partnership is renewed annually ensuring that the partnership based on Microsoft's criteria remains up to date.

In cases where multiple bank-proprietary electronic banking solutions are utilized, it is often difficult to achieve efficient processes and global visibility of all payments. 

With our award-winning payment solution Ebsec, you can easily replace decentralized solutions and obtain central control while managing optimal bank communications. Find out more how you can benefit from our ERP-independent solution.

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You are looking for a payments solution that is very easy to handle and at the same time can be flexibly implemented? You would like to be able to connect your (international) entities fast and seamlessly without any laborious local installations? Data protection is an important issue for you? 

Then our CPWeb could be just the right solution for you! CPWeb is a future-proof, web-based software solution that helps you make your processes highly efficient, secure and flexible.

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Do you currently expend a considerable amount of manual effort to process your bank statements, checks, and/or remittance advices every day? Would you like to save time and costs by automating the matching and posting processes? If your answer is yes, read on to find out how our software can help you achieve outstanding hit rates. AutoBank is a web-based solution which can easily interface with all types of ERP systems.

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If you would like to manage your cash flows and obtain reliable forecast on how much liquidity you will require in the future, read on to find out more about our specialized solution for cash, liquidity, and treasury management. Our cogon Treasury Suite is a web-based solution which can easily interface with all types of ERP systems.

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Would you like to know how your net working capital has developed over a period of time instead of only looking at individual reporting dates, for example when you are evaluating your balance sheet and income statement? In your company, how quickly are invoices generated after a product or service has been delivered? Are there improvement potentials in this area? How many of your clients receive discounts? Are you measuring the bottom-line impact of granting these discounts?

If these issues are important to you, it is time to consider our modern cogon working capital management software solution.