• Hanse Orga is your partner for analysis, design and implementation of treasury solutions.


With our experienced team we help you make efficient use of your SAP ERP system environment or expand it as needed. Our specialists for all issues in the SAP finance and treasury environment assist you in developing your solutions that create additional value for your company and that take the specific structures and processes of your company into account. As your one-stop partner, we develop in close cooperation with you the treasury requirements of your company and verify their feasibility in SAP. It is our goal to avoid isolated applications. Instead, we seek to realize a holistic solution customized specifically for your Treasury Management system environment in SAP.

As your partner for analysis, design and implementation we offer the following service portfolio:

SAP Treasury Analysis of Potential

The SAP Treasury Analysis of Potential uncovers potential benefits in the SAP Treasury area. In a three-stage process Hanse Orga shows you „where you are“ and which options SAP provides beyond that:

  • Taking Stock
  • Status Analysis
  • Evaluation and Design

Payment Process Management

In order to decrease operating costs while enhancing process transparency at the same time, treasury departments are increasingly turning to applications that enable them to streamline communication with multiple banks. Further, by establishing an in-house bank international companies centralize the processing of worldwide payment transactions and increase efficiency in managing their group-wide payments.

Hanse Orga helps you to reduce the complexity of your payment processes and to make them more transparent and efficient.

Working Capital Management

Reducing receivables, monitoring customer credit ratings and billing are the key cost drivers in corporate finance, and they tie up large amounts of working capital. Corporates can reduce working capital and free up liquidity through streamlined and efficient business processes in their payables and receivables management.

Hanse Orga helps you to set up an efficient receivables and credit management and, thus, supports you in optimizing your working capital.

Cash Management

Ensuring liquidity, maintaining the ability to pay and realizing adequate profitability of funds invested are the most significant tasks of a Cash Manager. Prerequisite for this is a daily overview of all bank account balances and short-term plannings of the available funds while taking into account the expected incoming and outgoing payments.

Hanse Orga helps you keep an eye on your short- and mid-term liquidity at any time and to continuously improve your cash management processes.

Liquidity Management

The analysis of liquidity by its source and application, and the company-specific planning of liquidity with a medium or long-term planning horizon form the basis for an efficient liquidity management of companies.

Hanse Orga helps you to analyze, plan and evaluate your liquidity according to the source and application of funds at all times.

Treasury & Risk Management

SAP Treasury & Risk Management enables you to increase efficiency, transparency and compliance in your treasury management processes. It helps you get the complete picture of your company’s financial transactions and the respective risk positions.
Hanse Orga helps you achieve compliance, transparency and efficiency in treasury operations.