• Retreive global liquidity information for your domestic and international finance operations – integrated in SAP.


FS² CashLiquidity uniquely combines cash, liquidity and treasury management in one centralized platform. It is designed for you – the CFO, Treasurer, Financial Controller, or Cash, Liquidity, Cash Forecasting, or Funding Professional – to deliver instant global liquidity information for your domestic and international finance operations. Available from Hanse Orga, it is the leading solution available on today’s market that fully integrates into your SAP ERP setting and delivers the customary view of a treasurer. 

FS² CashLiquidity helps you to tackle fragmented business demands and regional nuances with limited standard procedures and consistencies such as gathering figures and monitoring. It provides you with transparency into your daily cash, liquidity and treasury activities while reducing manual, time-consuming efforts and reliance on outdated technology and laborious ERP data management.

Our innovative software accurately provides the required and much needed visibility while automating cash and liquidity management by enhancing critical treasury information with cash relevant ERP numbers. Also, numerous features and options are available for flexible liquidity modeling, such as different cash forecasting plans. You and your management teams are enabled to make intelligent business decisions and reduce potential risk for your company with superior, robust, real time and user driven reports and analytics.

Hundreds of our satisfied customers have successfully created central cash positioning and forecasting processes with FS² CashLiquidity. It is directly integrated into SAP, creating a highly streamlined, precise and automated actual cash flow calculation. Our customers have experienced a 90 % or higher accuracy of automatic assignment of categories from statements or posting information on thousands of daily transactions assigned to 1,000+ planning groups with minimal effort. Additionally, a detailed, comprehensive actual plan comparison allows quick and reliable decisions.

Simplify and enhance your cash, liquidity, and treasury management practices in one holistic platform that fully utilizes your SAP data, including multiple SAP systems and additional information from your various ERP systems and other sources. Take advantage of the incorporation of files presented with expedient drill-down functionality and vibrant graphics on dashboards configured by you and your end users. Maximize your current technology investments. With FS² CashLiquidity, you will receive the highest level of integration with SAP while getting the benefits of ECC, HANA, and S/4HANA Finance.  

Highlights and Benefits of FS² CashLiquidity

    • Centralize and consolidate cash, liquidity, and treasury management
    • Instant liquidity information for all domestic and international operations
    • Unique treasurer view into your SAP environment
    • Transparent, real-time information to daily cash, liquidity and treasury activities
    • Added value and capitalization of investment into your SAP system
    • Detangle fragmented and regional nuances
    • Flexible liquidity modeling
    • Robust reports, analytics, and metrics
    • Adaptable with latest SAP technology – ECC, HANA, S/4HANA
    • Trusted SAP security