• Automated, unified and centralized Payment Management processes with FS² Payments.


FS² AccountsPayable is the unique and SAP S/4HANA ready solution that helps companies worldwide to automate the processing of their invoices and reduce the cost per invoice. 

The Challenge 

The Accounts Payable department receives vendor invoices in different formats (paper invoices, electronic invoices, invoices attached to e-mails) and across multiple locations and must capture, process and pay these invoices quickly. However, legacy processes with inefficient, manual steps can make processing invoices difficult and error prone, leading to frequent supplier enquiries and increased processing costs.

The Solution

The FS² AccountsPayable solution offered by Hanse Orga Group improves the speed, accuracy, and transparency of invoice processing so organizations can increase efficiencies and lower costs of processing vendor invoices. The solution replaces cumbersome manual processes with a completely centralized and standardized digital process that provides complete visibility across the invoice’s entire lifecycle from the moment it is captured, through processing and posting. It offers flexible, intelligent capturing features for both manual invoices (paper, PDF, email) and electronic invoices (XML, EDI, Portal). An optional B2B Vendor Portal provides self-service invoice generation and upload to simplify your communication with your suppliers and simplify the invoice capturing. 

The solution is embedded in your SAP ERP system environment – whether you use SAP S/4HANA or previous systems such as ECC. It is quick to implement and it is also easy to use because it is seamlessly integrated with your existing system of record – SAP. The solution is highly scalable and is used by Fortune 100 companies to process millions of invoices each year across multiple global locations and multiple business models. For companies with multiple enterprise resource planning systems, the solution can be used as a global invoicing hub so the same process and real-time access to information is available for processing all invoices. 

FS² AccountsPayable connects directly with FS² Payments thus enabling secure end-to-end accounts payable and payments processes. 

Highlights and Benefits of FS² AccountsPayable

  • Full integration with SAP S/4HANA and previous systems such as ECC
  • FS² Analytics for business intelligence reporting 
  • Fiori apps for a modern user experience 
  • Faster, more accurate invoice capture 
  • Cost per invoice reduced by 40–60%
  • Less time spent handling supplier enquiries and disputes 
  • Improved vendor relations 
  • Ability to capture available discounts
  • Full integration with your SAP system landscape 
  • Robust dashboards and reports that measure the efficiency and effectiveness of invoice processing
  • Operational productivity increased by 40–80%