• Resolve disputes and handle deductions professionally and improve customer relations with FS² Dispute.


FS² Dispute & Deduction for SAP is the next-generation for a fast and cost effective dispute and deduction management. Create dispute cases automatically, e.g. through SAP’s accounting transactions, automate the escalation of billing disputes and payment deductions and speed up your dispute resolutions with customizable workflows.

Get supported by powerful conversation sharing functions, use a strong Microsoft Word integration for creating various correspondences and enable your dispute managers to collaborate fast and effectively on disputed accounts.

FS² Dispute & Deduction increases deduction recovery rate by more than 10 % and reduce days deductions outstanding (DDO) by 30 %. Free-up 20-40 % of your resources’ time by automating manual activities allowing them to focus on higher value research & analysis.

FS² Dispute & Deduction for SAP gives your entire team indispensable information and powerful software-functionalities, so they will be able to quickly zero in on what’s important for the business.

The aim of the software is to record the disputes in a virtual collaboration file to allow all relevant users to have access to the same information. All users will have the possibility to work together to resolve the disputes as quickly as possible for improving cash flow and reducing DSO.

Highlights and Benefits of FS² Dispute & Deduction

  • Streamlined processing of deductions and disputes
  • Automated status tracking
  • Automated correspondence to streamline communication with customers and enhance collaboration between teams
  • Root cause analysis for process optimization
  • Virtual Collaboration File incl. Cockpit, partner/contact management, process management, task management, document management, worklist and link management
  • Digitization of your dispute and deduction processes
  • Better organization and structuring of business processes
  • Increasing productivity, efficiency and transparency
  • MS Word integration
  • Automated data collection
  • Process-based templates, e.g. dispute case
  • Automated creation of correspondences
  • Comprehensive reporting framework
  • Dispute Management Dashboard – visualization of KPI's
  • Specialized Workflow Engine for Process Automation