• Be in compliance with applicable laws and regulations with the GRC solutions by Hanse Orga.


The complex interrelationships between legal regulations present a growing challenge for companies in today’s globalized and increasingly interconnected economy in which financial relationships transcend national borders. In today’s economy it is codes of conduct, compliance with regulatory requirements and knowledge about current embargos and economic sanctions that help ensure a company’s ongoing growth and success. Leaders need to place a strategic focus on implementing compliance policies and procedures so as to keep their organization in good standing, minimize the risk to their business and increase efficiency. A modern compliance system has become something no company can afford to live without – anything a company does to compromise their regulatory compliance will land them in hot water.

Our innovative GRC Solutions provide invaluable support for companies in their day-to-day regulatory compliance management. By cooperating with renowned compliance providers, Hanse Orga has been able to offer solutions that enable organizations around the world to collect relevant information and perform compliance checks. Our regulatory compliance solutions retrieve information from Dow Jones, SAPPER and other established providers.

Our software solutions allow companies to check their business partners against sanction and embargo lists and to retrieve the latest information relating to their change and risk management, thus helping ensure their regulatory compliance system is working properly.

Hanse Orga's GRC solutions support the entire compliance check process – directly from within a company’s SAP system. Innovative technology with add-on features ensure seamless integration and extensive automation.

GRC Solutions by Hanse Orga