• Handle Disputes and Deductions efficiently: Our solution optimizes the SAP Dispute Management standard application with value adding features.


Hanse Orga offers add-on solutions that enhance the FSCM Standard with various features and help your company to further optimize your financial management.

Experience how our FSCM Optimizer applications, building on the FSCM core solutions, elevate your business to the next level by fully automating your dipsute and deduction management processes.

SAP Dispute Management Standard Application

Streamline billing disputes by enabling effective communications and collaboration across departments with the dispute management functionality of SAP Collections and Dispute Management.

Dispute status are automatically updated as customer payments are posted, since the software is completely integrated with SAP ERP Financials.

Furthermore, each dispute can be processed according to specific reason codes (e.g. price discrepancies, quantity, and damaged goods) and delegate them to the right employees via alerts and workflow.

The benefits of SAP Collections and Dispute Management are clear: faster dispute resolutions, significantly reduced resource costs, and faster cash collections.

Build on Top: SAP Dispute Management Optimizer

Our FSCM Optimizer enhances standard functionalities of SAP FSCM with extraordinary results by optimizing the daily work in the A/R department through predefined, best-practice processes and intelligent technical features.

For account receivables managers our FSCM Optimizer offers additional supporting processes that go beyond the SAP FSCM standard functionalities. In addition to that, all FSCM Optimizer applications are equipped with the value adding features: virtual collaboration file, receivables manager cockpit, process management, correspondence management, specialized workflow engine, credit agency gateway and credit insurer connect.

Features of SAP Dispute Management Optimizer

  • Virtual Collaboration File
  • Receivables Management Cockpit
  • Process Management
  • Correspondence Management
  • Reporting
  • Specialized Workflow Engine for Process Automation
  • Credit Agency Gateway
  • Credit Insurer Connect