• Enhance your SAP Credit Management with the groundbreaking functionalities of our FSCM Optimizer.

SAP Financial Supply Chain Management

SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) consists of a set of applications that manage customer-related financial functions such as risk assessment, billing, receivables, and collections within the SAP ERP environment. SAP FSCM offers your business improved transparency, a higher degree of automation, lower costs and thus an ideal utilization of internal resources.

Hanse Orga offers in-depth consulting for the FSCM applications as well as add-on solutions that enhance the FSCM Standard with various features and help your company to further optimize your financial management.

Our experienced consultants identify and implement the perfect solutions for your company so that you can unleash the full potential of SAP for your finance processes.

Comprehensive Consulting for Your Finance Processes in SAP

Hanse Orga  provides  professional  consulting  –  from  strategy  development  and  solution design to continuous optimization. Our team of experts, in cooperation with our interdisciplinary partner network, has up-to-date product know-how and extensive industry expertise at its command. They provide you with professional consulting and design for your technical and functional processes and help you implement your FSCM solutions.

FSCM Optimizer 

Experience how our FSCM Optimizer applications, building on the FSCM core solutions, elevate your business to the next level by fully automating your receivables management processes. We offer build on top solutions for

Our FSCM Optimizer enhances standard functionalities of SAP FSCM with extraordinary results by optimizing the daily work in the A/R department through predefined, best-practice processes and intelligent technical features.