FinanceSuite for SAP

The growing demand for higher efficiency of financial processes within companies has become a global catalyst for seeking and deploying automated solutions. These solutions can support the required fundamental and tactical changes to optimise the processes within the financial supply chain. Hanse Orga’s FinanceSuite solutions support customers to gain visibility, control and efficiency over these processes with powerful software applications.

The FinanceSuite covers five modules, all of which are fully embedded in the SAP standard and can be combined flexibly to meet the individual requirements of the customer. All functions can therefore be directly applied and accessed in SAP.

You will find a detailed overview in the Hanse Orga FinanceSuite brochure

FinanceSuite Cash & Liquidity Management

Keep your cash under control with the intelligent functions of FinanceSuite Cash & Liquidity Management

The FinanceSuite Cash & Liquidity Management solution enables you to get visibility, control and optimisation for your cash management and liquidity planning. The intuitive design coupled with its powerful functionality brings higher levels of automation to the daily cash management processes. The integration in SAP allows organisations to extract all relevant data from the various SAP ledgers interface-free while performing its cash management functions independently from the financial accounting processes. Implementation time of the highly configurable software is kept to a minimum. It brings unparalleled transparency and automation to your enterprise-wide cash management (also non-SAP) and supports effective cash pooling.

Product brochure FinanceSuite Cash & Liquidity Management


  • Group-wide real-time view on cash and liquidity
  • Strong forecasting and planning
  • Cash optimisation tools
  • Efficiency through high levels of automation
  • Modelling and scenario-planning
  • Full integration in SAP, also including non-SAP companies
  • Visibility and control over planning and actuals
  • Comprehensive reporting for all stakeholders
  • Independence from accounting processes

FinanceSuite Payment Management

Streamline and Centralise Payments and Bank Communication

The FinanceSuite Payment Management solution helps to optimise your group-wide payments through centrally managed and automated processes. The powerful technology for all payment flows includes highly secure bank communication capabilities directly from your SAP system. The solution is compatible with SEPA and offers a wide range of national and international bank communication standards. The software is also certified by SWIFT. You will benefit from a complete and real-time overview of all group-wide payments and electronic bank statements for your SAP and non-SAP companies. Whether your company uses just one SAP installation or whether you want to set up a complete payment factory – the FinanceSuite Payment Management solution can include all payment types and is easily configured to your individual requirements.

For those companies in the SEPA area that use direct debiting systems and that will thus be required by EU regulation to provide an efficient mandate management from 1 February 2014, Hanse Orga has developed an ideal software. Find out more about our FinanceSuite Mandate Management in our SEPA section.

Product brochure FinanceSuite Payment Management


  • Wide range of bank connectivity options and readily available formats
  • SWIFT certified
  • Compatible with SEPA
  • Global real-time overview of group-wide transactions
  • Central payment platform: centralisation and optimisation
  • Efficiency and high levels of Straight Through Processing
  • Very strong security and full end-to-end audit trail
  • Inclusion of SAP and non-SAP companies

FinanceSuite AutoBank Automatic Cash Application

Increase Automatic Reconciliation Rates and Drive Constant Improvements 

The FinanceSuite AutoBank Automatic Cash Application solution is designed as an add-on to SAP and optimises the automatic cash application process via an intelligent reconciliation logic for bank statements, remittance advices, and lockbox information. The solution unlocks efficiencies in the process of automatic clearing of open items: assignment rates are significantly increased thanks to easy-to-configure intelligent posting rules. DSO can be further brought down via the embedded smart manual postprocessing capabilities. The Performance Cockpit allows for monitoring and active management of the entire reconciliation process.

Product brochure FinanceSuite Autobank Automatic Cash Application


  • Increase of automatic assignment rates
  • Reduction of manual postprocessing of unmatched items
  • Automatic posting (debit-side, credit-side, G/L transactions) in SAP
  • Complete overview of electronic bank transactions in real time
  • Improves Straight Through Processing
  • Easy to monitor and manage entire reconciliation process
  • Excellent tool for Shared Service Centres

Financesuite Treasury Management

Easy-to use, Secure, and Automated Treasury Management

The FinanceSuite Treasury Management provides a feature-rich treasury solution that is fully integrated in SAP. All treasury transactions are centrally managed. As the FinanceSuite Treasury Management requires little configuration and offers fast-entry templates, you benefit immediately from the smart functions. Manage and post your foreign exchange and money market transactions, loans and investments as well as interest rate transactions in an easy and quick way. The data is immediately incorporated in your cash management. Netting capabilities complete the treasury needs and will help to reduce the number of cash flows in your company and minimise associated currency risks.

Product brochure FinanceSuite Treasury Management


  • Centralisation and optimisation of treasury and cash 
  • High degrees of automation
  • Control of financial risks
  • Direct posting in SAP FI
  • Complete and secure solution for front, middle and back office
  • Modular and comprehensive solution

FinanceSuite eBAM

Full Control and Transparency with an Electronic Management of Bank Accounts

The FinanceSuite eBAM (electronic Bank Account Management) solution helps you to manage your bank accounts and signatories, control bank costs and maintain all information in one single place. Just one click and you get a full and company-wide overview of all your active and inactive bank accounts, number and status of signatories, signing limits, contact histories, bank conditions and much more. It fully supports the electronic opening, modification and closing of bank accounts and signatories. Related documents, terms of reference and contracts can be archived centrally thanks to the full integration of the module in SAP. FinanceSuite eBAM enables performance analysis and relationship management of your banks.

Product brochure FinanceSuite eBAM


  • Readily accessible bank account data in one single place
  • Central control over all your bank accounts and signatories
  • Improved security and full end-to-end audit trail
  • Monitoring of bank services and fees Manage your bank relationships
  • Compliance with SOX as well as your internal and external auditors
  • Corporate Governance through consistent processes
  • Full integration in SAP, also including non-SAP companies
  • SWIFT eBAM ready